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        About me:  My name is Jason Brashear. I have been working on the web since before the first graphical websites came out. I started with something called FIDONET Selling computer hardware over the lists that people would subscribe to over networked BBS system back in the day. Does that date me!? That’s right, BBS! People use to dial up, connect, play some MUDS send messages, and then hang up. (Side Note L.O.R.D. was the most popular MUD! AND, you can still play this MUD online today! Check out LORD HERE) Then my system would call the next  BBS to send the FIDONET Payload to the next BBS and that is how the internet PRE AOL and CompuServe worked.

        haha! Well, that turned into a Dial-up company called TCB.NET During the time of TCB (The Computer Business) I started writing websites, I mean there were only 80 HTML markup tags back then. This was the world of flashing images etc. This company turned into (Look that up on go as far back as you can!) and later I ended up selling the Dialup base to a company called Illuminati Online.

        While I was one of the few doing commercial websites I was lucky enough to be one of the devs for Betty Crocker, one of the very first graphical websites on the web! From there I went to DELL and started working as a Web Developer building out the Dell  IntraNet. Back then they did not even have a JOB REQ for the title of WEB DEVELOPER! From Dell, I have worked for many fortune 500 companies. Over the years I was involved in so much more than just web dev, I started learning to program, and I started with PERL (OK well BASIC back in elementary school), then onto  JAVA, and over to PHP.

        I picked up more certs than I can count from RHCE, RH APACHE certified, MCSE, etc. The list goes on.  I started a Side business called Austin FX back in 2001 when I was working at AMD and in 2014 rebranded to Tasty Coders.  You can imagine that it started out as a website Code development company and evolved quickly into a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

        I started teaching SEO with Andy  Jenkins (Founder of KAJABI What a mess that was. Long story.) and Brad Fallon (Founder of StomperNet) with Stomper Netback around 2006-2009 (Read a little bit about that craziness here!). I have been in the SEO/SEM/SMO space for quite some time.  We are experts at all things web-related and I think it’s time to get involved.

        Why here? Well in 2013 I was one of the lucky ones to buy into a new Plugin Builder and Theme from Elegant Themes. Man, this was a game-changer. WP Bakery had nothing on DIVI. I have been using DIVI ever since. I have produced and sold many child themes and that is how I ended up here. J.E.D.I. (Jerry’s Easy Demo Import).  Jerry at some point, Not sure when changed the URL and renamed it to Easy Demo Pro. Man, I loved it! When I say that Jerry was taking a break and handing the code over to Terry, I reached out to Jerry and he was kind enough to email me and point me over to this site

        Well, it was a no-brainer, I bought into the community and supported it ASAP. And here I am!

        I am looking forward to being a part of this community and if you need help, advise, shoot the Sh#$t ping me.

        until then,


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        Terry Hale

          Wow, great intro and background! That’s very interesting. I set up a BBS in college lol. It was called The Nine Planes of Hell (NPOH). Those were good times!

          Thanks @ferventjerry for the recommendation to get you here, and it’s gonna be fun seeing everything grow.

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