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      Terry Hale

      ## [2.8.2]
      -JEDI Apprentice – Local Resistance
      – console warning: 404 error on edi-dashboard-import-icon.png (used in admin menu on the site that’s importing content). Occurs when using child theme import function.

      – console warning: 404 error on jedi-apprentice-import-functions.js (used during import process). Occurs when using child theme import function.

      — updated function jswj_get_jedi_apprentice_url() in jedi-apprentice-import.php in the master part of the plugin. This is copied over to the importable child theme. Added realpath() function around location of stylesheet directory to overcome operating system/local variances in path structure. i.e., using ‘/’ vs ‘\’ for folder structure or using ‘..’ notation for folder names vs. what WordPress (PHP) returns. Additionally, the /jedi-apprentice/ folder was missing from the test. Even if the file existed, the test was failing because of mismatched structure in the returned file paths used in the comparison.

      – Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given

      — Updated function jswj_import_posts_batch() to include a test for an empty set of Jedi image ID options

      – Added plugin site, support and changelog links to plugin description

      ## [2.8.1 beta] – 2022-07-26
      -JEDI Master – A New Hope: Replace unresponsive placeholder image functionality with Fake Images Please at

      ## [2.8] – 2021-11-26
      -JEDI Master – Operation Endor: disable licensing shield generator
      -JEDI Master – Its A Trap: jamming update signal

      ## [2.7.4] – 2021-10-01
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for some Image Import issues when using a Self-Signed SSL Cert

      ## [2.7.3] – 2021-09-23
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for Admin Menu & Import issues in some environments

      ## [2.7.2] – 2021-05-03
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for Invalid User Action error happening in some environments

      ## [2.7.1] – 2021-04-01
      -JEDI Master – License logic fix for new installations

      ## [2.7] – 2021-03-07
      -JEDI Master – New Export Hook: jedi_export_plugin_settings
      -JEDI Apprentice – New Import Hook: jedi_import_plugin_settings
      -JEDI Apprentice – Improved Server Timeout Handling For Large Imports
      -JEDI Apprentice – Optimization For Post Import Process
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Include WooCommerce Product Attributes in Export / Import
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added More WooCommerce Settings in Export / Import
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: Advanced Custom Fields
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: Advanced Woo Search
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: Cartflows
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: Ditty News Ticker
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: WPB Product Quick View Popup for WooCommerce
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: WP Instant Feeds
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: Variation Swatches for WooCommerce
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Initial Plugin Support: Yith WooCommerce Wishlist

      ## [2.6] – 2020-10-25
      -JEDI Apprentice – Compatibility fix for PHP 7.4
      -JEDI Apprentice – Clearer status update if errors occur during import
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Include Posts Page with Home Page setting for Export / Import
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Various bug fixes

      ## [2.5.5] – 2020-07-17
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for importing images on sites without SSL

      ## [2.5.4] – 2020-07-14
      -JEDI Master – Fix for excluding posts by Id
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Fix after import message inconsistencies
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Various bug fixes

      ## [2.5.3] – 2020-07-06
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Minor PHP compatibility fix

      ## [2.5.2] – 2020-07-01
      -JEDI Master – Settings cleanup at export
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for minor Menu Import bugs

      ## [2.5.1] – 2020-06-30
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for Divi Theme Builder specific pages & terms

      ## [2.5]
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Security Patches & Improvements
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Code Standardization & Cleanup

      ## [2.4] – 2020-01-28
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Divi Theme Builder Support
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Filter For Postmeta Content: jedi_filter_postmeta_content
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Media URL Search & Replace to include relative paths and JSON encoded urls
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added option to include specific WP Options from database
      –Master: Added new field in Advanced Options to list WP Option Ids
      –Apprentice: Added WP Option import to the import process
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Elementor & Elementor Pro Support
      –Update Post IDs in Post Meta
      –Import Options From Database
      –Import & Update CSS Files For Post IDs And Media URLs
      –Import & Update Custom Fonts
      –Import & Update Theme Builder Options
      –Import & Update Library Item Terms
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Support for plugin: [Premium Addons for Elementor]
      –Update Carousel Slider Post IDs
      –Update Popup Post IDs
      -JEDI Master – Added Feature To Allow Exporting Image Placeholders

      ## [2.3] – 2019-09-28
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added support for Visual Portfolio plugin shortcodes. On import, the shortcodes will be updated with the imported post IDs. The Visual Portfolio plugin settings are not exported/imported with this update.

      ## [2.2] – 2019-09-12
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added option to import media from the Export Website instead of including the media files in the Export Zip Package.
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added checks to prevent fatal errors when other active plugins/themes have Easy Demo Import functions

      ## [2.1] – 2019-09-02
      -JEDI Master – Export Process rewritten to work like the Import Process
      -JEDI Master – Added option to export page – After Import Actions – Do Nothing / Show Message / Remove Demo Content
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added option for users to remove demo content after import
      -JEDI Master – Added ‘After Import Message’ to Custom Documentation
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fixed menu import to enable importing more than one CSS class
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Expanded environment details for logging and troubleshooting
      -JEDI Master – Added check for media file during export to prevent copy errors
      -JEDI Master – Added notice for missing media library files
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – In-divi-pendence! Export & Import no longer relies on any Divi functions
      -JEDI Master – Minor improvements to handle Multisite Exports
      -JEDI Apprentice – Minor improvements to handle Multisite Imports

      ## [2.0.8] – 2019-07-23
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Minor fix for some multisite installations

      ## [2.0.7] – 2019-06-08
      -JEDI Master – Minor fix to reduce frequency of checks for plugin updates

      ## [2.0.6] – 2019-04-29
      -JEDI Master – Minor fix for export error when media library entries are missing image files

      ## [2.0.5] – 2018-12-20
      -JEDI Apprentice – Minor fix for imports without Media
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for imports stuck in eternal loop
      -JEDI Apprentice – Improved process for import tracking to help prevent duplicate content on re-import

      ## [2.0.4] – 2018-11-24
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fix for Customizer CSS that was not importing if any CSS already existed

      ## [2.0.3] – 2018-11-20
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added functions to export/import limited WooCommerce settings
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added functions for Sean Barton’s Layout Injector Plugins ( CPT Layout Injector, Divi/Extra Layout Injector, Search Layout Injector, Taxonomy Layout Injector, Woo Layout Injector )

      ## [2.0.1] – 2018-11-15
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Widget Text Filter jedi_widget_text_filter. Allows for updating widget text content during import.

      ## [2.0]
      -JEDI Master – Rebuilt License System For Better Performance And To Accommodate New License Options
      -JEDI Master – AnyPlugin Functionality Added
      -JEDI Master – New Page For Custom Documentation
      -JEDI Master – Improved Input Sanitization
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Capability For Apprentice Addons
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Batch Size Configuration
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Warning Section To Display Detected Issues Before Export/Import
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Option To Set Progress Bar Color
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Improved Logging Functions & Frequency
      -JEDI Apprentice – Rebuilt Import Method To Use A JavaScript Driver
      -JEDI Apprentice – Improved Process For Installing & Activating Plugins
      -JEDI Apprentice – Improved Media Import
      -JEDI Apprentice – Media Thumbnails Now Scheduled For Creation After Import
      -JEDI Apprentice – Plugin Import Fixed For Plugins That Redirect The Page
      -JEDI Apprentice – Changed Plugin Download Protocol For Better Reliability
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added System To Check For Failed Import & Give Option To Resume Or Cancel
      -JEDI Apprentice – Media Import Process – Added some fallback options during import process, reduces number of thumbnails generated after 3 batch failures, reduces batch import size if failures increase
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Widget Import To Correctly Assign New Menu IDs
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Function To Update Give Plugin Shortcodes In Content
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Function To Update WordPress Gallery Shortcodes In Content
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Menu Import To Correctly Assign Taxonomy Menu Items
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fixed Tag Import To Correctly Recreate Tags & Reassign To Posts
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added WooCommerce Import Functions
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Lifter LMS Import Functions
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Function To Update Divi Fullwidth Menu Modules With Imported Menu

      ## [1.3] – 2018-06-02
      -JEDI Master – Reduced frequency of license validation checks

      ## [1.2] – 2018-03-27
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fixed issue importing pages with image galleries
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fixed issues importing taxonomies (tags)
      -JEDI Master – Changed export process to not require allow_url_fopen PHP setting
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added function to menu import process to update menu ID references within post content
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Improved Display During Export/Import
      -JEDI Master – Fixed issue preventing Exclude Post ID from being saved
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Custom Maestro Export & Import – New product coming soon!!

      ## [1.1] – 2018-02-01
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated to address Divi Library changes in Divi 3.0.99
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Custom Documentation Settings
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Recommend Plugins Option For WordPress Repository Plugins
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Improved Media Library Export & Import
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Export & Import Of Divi Library Items Category & Tags
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fixed Import Option Selections To Work Correctly
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Added Reset Options To Support Page
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Code To Accurately Keep Global Module & Global Parent Data
      -JEDI Master – Corrected Multisite Capability For Plugins
      -JEDI Master – Added option to Prevent Generating Thumbnails During Import
      -JEDI Master – Updated to address Divi Library changes in Divi 3.0.99
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added check for JEDI theme switch, and reloads settings from file
      -JEDI Master – Added J.E.D.I. Extension Capabilities to Admin Menu & Auto Updates
      -JEDI Master & Apprentice – Many Other Bug Fixes & Adjustments

      ## [1.0] – 2017-08-24
      ### Official Launch!

      ## [0.5.8] – 2017-08-24
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Master – Updated media export to reset guids for images that have been imported
      -JEDI Apprentice – Child Theme PHP File Divi Shortcodes – Now Update with new Post IDs
      -JEDI Master – Auto unselect options where nothing is available to export
      -JEDI Apprentice – Skip importing post if post-type doesn’t exist, log it
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Post Import To Populate Post Parent Data

      ## [] – 2017-08-21
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Master – Added function to check settings array and update to current version
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added function to update Global Modules in Post Content

      ## [0.5.6] – 2017-08-19
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Master – Added Documentation Page (still need to populate it)
      -JEDI Master – Added Custom Support Message field to Additional Options
      -JEDI Master – Added Custom Documentation fields to Additional Options
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Documentation Page, Populates using JEDI Master Custom Documentation fields
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Support Page to display the JEDI Master Custom Support Message field

      ## [0.5.5] – 2017-08-18
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added various hooks & filters (see documentation)

      ## [] – 2017-08-17
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Master – Added Additional Options Page
      -JEDI Master – Selectable Post Types
      -JEDI Master – Include Categories Option
      -JEDI Master – Include Featured Image Option
      -JEDI Master – Enqueue Admin CSS
      -JEDI Master – Addressed Plugin Folder Structure
      -JEDI Master – Added Link To Retrieve License
      -JEDI Apprentice – Updated Media Import Process to handle images in batches for more stability, especially with slower servers or larger amounts of images
      -JEDI Apprentice – Enqueue Admin CSS

      ## [0.5.2] – 2017-08-11
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Master – Added Widgets Export
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Widgets Import

      ## [0.5.1] – 2017-08-10
      ### Changes
      -JEDI Apprentice – Added Gallery Module update new image IDs in post content.
      ### Fixed
      -JEDI Master – Fixed Category Export
      -JEDI Apprentice – Fixed Category Import

      ## [0.5.0] – 2017-08-08
      ### Initial Features
      – WordPress Pages & Posts, Divi Library Layouts
      – Media Library Images
      – Divi Theme & Customizer Settings
      – WordPress Customizer Additional CSS
      – Menu Structure
      – Package As A Child Theme Or Layout Kit Plugin
      – Recommended Plugins

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