Rooms Divi Builder Fix DOUBLE loading/reload of layout editor Reply To: Fix DOUBLE loading/reload of layout editor

Maureen Biologist

    Divi is in deep trouble, but not because of double loading and other bugs, if you follow the most hyped Builder right now bricks, there are bugs there as well. Breakdance has some other problems  .

    The thing that wonders me is how long time Elegant Themes has been developing on divi 5 and whats the outcome will be.

    There will be no new features and the code output will be the same as divi 4. Meanwhile users can see how bricks and breakdance are hyped all over, even Elementor now has a build in loop Builder.

    I really have doubt if Divi / Elegant Themes will survive this as i can see how many people leaves for bricks.

    Its a shame cause i like Divis ui best of all the builders.