Rooms Site Optimization/Hosting Static CSS problem Reply To: Static CSS problem

Dave Allipa
    Static cache also causes issues on some of my sites. In these cases, Divi support told me to switch it off.
    In my case it’s also a combination with WP Fastest Cache. If you look at the last line in the page source, it gets stuck with a ‘generating css’ or something like that, and disabling static cache fixes that. I looked at the Divi source code for that, and they added something to the code that generates that message. The comment with that part of the code is that WPFC is not compatible with Divi’s optimizations. That’s BS though, because WPFC has been made compatible a long time ago. I contacted support about that several times, with line number and version number of WPFC etc, but all I get is that they have added it to the Developer list and there is no ETA depending on priority. That’s a shitty situation, because it’s kind of a hidden issue, so they won’t get many complaints about this, so priority won’t increase.