Rooms Easy Demo Import [Plugin] Presets do not import after Divi 4.19.3 update Reply To: Presets do not import after Divi 4.19.3 update

Ania Romańska

    Thank you, Terry, for taking the time to look into it for us.

    If the end user saw a checkbox to “Include Global Presets,” it would be perfect. If we only merged their current presets with the new ones from the demo – that would be a good enough solution, and offering a choice for replacing presets wouldn’t be necessary, as we don’t do it for other import “parts.”

    I would vote for calling it what it is: “Presets” instead of “Settings”. “Global settings” could be a bit confusing, as other “global” options are included in our child themes in various places.

    This approach would match other import settings very well (e.g., with “Include Posts,” we are only adding new posts without touching what’s already on the site, and we don’t have the option for replacing existing posts).