Rooms Easy Demo Import [Plugin] Presets do not import after Divi 4.19.3 update Reply To: Presets do not import after Divi 4.19.3 update

Terry Hale

    @divilover thanks so much for the amazing feedback. It has been a tremendous help.

    I have been looking into the options slugs, which look like include builder_global_presets, builder_global_presets_ng and builder_global_presets_temp.

    As I’m sure you’re aware, these are all used for backwards compatibility and current usage.

    There is code within the plugin that is specific to Divi. My idea is to create an option (for Divi) titled something like “Merge or Replace Divi Global Settings”. This specifies if the global settings from the import will either replace or add to (merge) the already existing global settings.

    Does this seem like a good idea to you? Also @michelle