Rooms Easy Demo Import [Plugin] Presets do not import after Divi 4.19.3 update Reply To: Presets do not import after Divi 4.19.3 update

Ania Romańska

    Hi Terry,

    I appreciate your help.

    So the problem is with all global presets. Very easy to replicate. If you add a new preset or change the default preset of any module inside a child theme – none of these design settings will import. In Divi 4.9.13, ET moved presets to a separate setting. It’s in the changelog under “Improved Presets storage and performance.” and the change is visible in the includes/builder/feature/global-presets/Settings.php file in Divi. So yes, any version of Divi above 4.19.2 is having this issue.

    I managed to get this to work by including the et_divi_builder_global_presets_ng WP Option in the EDI settings. That imports all prestes correctly, but the problem is that it overwrites any of the existing presets a website would have before the demo import, so it isn’t an ideal solution.

    Hopefully, this helps. Thank you again for taking the time to look into it.