Rooms Easy Demo Import [Plugin] Questions about Easy Demo Import Reply To: Questions about Easy Demo Import

Faye Daway
    Hi Jerry,
    you have been very gracious to take the time and I can tell you that you have answered all my questions perfectly.
    I want to export premium themes, I want to try, I have a lot of creativity and I would like to try to sell some.
    I was asking you for advice regarding images precisely because on ET they were not very clear.
    For example, at first they told me that on the demo site I could use my own images and in export I could deliver a theme with images covered by cc0 license, now it seems that also in the demo there must be images with free license.
    Thank you again for your patience, very soon I will write to you for the purchase, if you want to give me a promo code I would be grateful, otherwise it’s okay, you are a great team and I know I can count on your experience.
    Best Regards