This is all the frequently asked questions we know of so far. It is a living organism; it will grow and adapt over time. Let us know if there is anything you think we should add.

How Do I Use the Site?

Rooms (forums) - This is where you will spent most of your time. This is the Stack Overflow or Reddit part of DiviCom. The "ask and you shall receive" part. With awesome search features and image handling.

The DiviCom forum aspect is divided into rooms that handle particular categories of questions and answers related to Divi, Extra or the Bloom and Monarch plugins. Earn coins and badges to add to your profile by being active in the rooms.

Groups - This is for announcements, socialization and specific sub-communities. Like Facebook's groups. Content that might belong to a specific company (think Superfly or Divi Space) or (in the future) user-created groups. For example, Divi updates or product releases. This is also where you update your online DiviCom profile, and connect with and message friends.

Posts - This is your typical WordPress article, providing full tutorials, reviews, etc. We will have guest bloggers. Use the "Search Blogs" field in the top header or mobile submenu to find content in this area.

What Should I Do First?

The first  thing you should do is earn the First Steps badge. This gives you a basic understanding of the site and gets you ready to go.

That's all you really *should* do before you start interacting with the site. Except maybe update all of your profile information!

The next, optional, step is to become a DiviCom supporter. This is accessible at any time, even if you don't make it a part of your initial visit. The site will always be free for everyone, but if you like the idea of supporting a community, then getting another badge sure won't hurt.

And then, be active! If you have a question, use the room search feature to see if anyone has already asked questions related to yours.

If you want to help, look at the no replies page. Also look for any topic items that you haven't read yet. You'll know what you've missed when you see the "binoculars" icon. (See below)

What Are the Icons?

The "binoculars" DivCom Unread Topics icon signifies a topic that you have not yet read, or that there are some replies that you have not yet read that are within a topic.

Other icons are associated with badges or ranks. Visit the Achievements page to learn more!