This is a list of current *known* achievement possibilities available with DiviCom. (Maybe there are some that no one knows about?... Hmmmm... 🤔) This list will be updated regularly, but you just might be awarded something that no one has seen yet. Anything on this list that is subdued in color (lowered saturation) means you have yet to earn the achievement. You will also find a list of requirements for those achievements that have more than one step.

In case you're wondering, Tacos are the coins you can earn by visiting and being interactive with the site.

First Steps Badge

First Steps

DiviCom Taco Coin 250 Tacos

Get a basic understanding of the site. This badge shows your willingness to learn about the site guidelines and how to use it. You want to be a good citizen! You get the badge + bonus Tacos.

Make the Logo Bigger!

Exceed client expectations by earning 1500 Tacos from being active. You can earn unlimited. Like airline miles, so go ahead and hoard. You never know when large numbers of this badge might come in handy.

DiviCom Responsiveness Badge


Awarded after earning 5,000 Tacos. You have so many responses, DiviCom exudes your activity essence. You're looking good at any viewport width. You can earn lots of these, also. What a DiviCom globetrotter you can be!

Code Savant Badge

Code Savant

DiviCom Taco Coin 2,500 Tacos

Submit PHP and/or JavaScript code that is integrated into DiviCom. This badge is only received by Keymaster approval. Not all submissions will be approved.

Design Savant Badge

Design Savant

DiviCom Taco Coin 2,500 Tacos

Submit CSS or other design information that is then integrated into DiviCom. This badge is only received by Keymaster approval. Not all submissions will be approved.

New Beginnings Badge

New Beginnings

Become a DiviCom supporter during the alpha phase of the site. This is a limited-edition badge that will never be available again after the alpha phase is over.

DiviCom Friend Badge


Support DiviCom with a small monthly or annual subscription.

DiviCom Big Supporter Badge

Big Supporter

Support DiviCom with a larger, one-time donation.


DiviCom Keymaster - Overgosh


The keymaster role in the forums. Can do anything, anywhere, any time. Stay on their nice side, you'll be alright!

DiviCom Admin - the Demigosh


The admin role. Can do almost anything within the forums. Someone you'd want to slip some under-the-table gold to, but by Over-Gosh, we don't do that here. Just be nice and the admins will love and nourish you.

Moderator Badge


The Divi peeps that help keep things nice and clean within the forums. Gives recommendations and other good advice. A real presence. Lesser than Keymaster or Admin, but still very worthy of your respect. Anyone with enough Tacos can reach this rank just because you are a DiviCom bad-ass from being so very active. Also rewarded by community consensus with Keymaster approval.

DiviCom Collaborator Badge


You've put heart and soul into DiviCom, and your efforts are widely recognized!

DiviCom Participant Badge


You are a bona fide and important member of the Divi Community!