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Wait For It...

Let's "Face" it... very few people like Facebook groups for getting help, but it seems that's the only alternative currently available. So, we trudge along in an ad-filled, insecure, use-your-data environment. Welp, no more.

Divi Community is a much needed, much requested alternative. A forum site that lets you simply post/read questions/answers. A forum site that lets you be yourself and provides a real opportunity for growth and recognition.

No more failed searches, no more crappy notifications, no more personal privacy violations! You get to choose what you want when you want it.


DC is hosted with Kinsta's superior, WordPress-specific hosting platform  + CDN for lightning fast performance. #wowfast



HTTP/3, TLS 1.3 and Cloudflare integration provide top-notch security. GDPR compliant, plus CleanTalk for spam prevention.


Companies will love the available private forum customization and branding. Includes Zendesk integration. #socustom


Yes! To prove that Extra is a lovable theme (and that good hosting matters), we're using it on Divi Community. #ironic #trending


Nobody likes FB for getting help. #2010called

DC offers the best experience to get answers to your questions.